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What do you get from VMAS

Extensive focus on technical skills so that design ideas can be developed without technical boundaries.

Our time frame for our classes per year is very broad with app. 1200 hours class time per 10 months. There is time for exploring, developing, repeating and no rush to work on projects. No school, as far as we know, gives students in small one-on-one classes such a comprehensive and intense learning experience. This enables students also to prepare for their professional career very comprehensive in making a portfolio in the end of their 2nd year.


Small class sizes

enable you to learn at your own pace and you will receive more instructive time.


VMAS is the only school in BC

which teaches a trade oriented curriculum. It will enable graduating students to work in high profile workshops/jewellers. With a diploma from VMAS you will have excellent chances when applying  for interesting and well paid jobs in Canada, US and also around the world.


Excellent professional opportunities

for students is the main focus of our teaching. 

All the projects you complete in this courses are set to enable you to use the same high profile techniques as an employed jeweller or self-employed jewellery designer.


We teach a European Standard Curriculum for Goldsmith Apprentices and Master Goldsmiths

Unlike trade authorities in Europe there is no such authority on the North American continent which offers the official trade title of a Master Goldsmith. Nevertheless Vancouver Metal Art School is teaching the complete technical spectrum of a Master Goldsmith.  Diploma students get recognition in their final evaluation every main design and technical skill element they have learned and practised accompanied with the achieved marks. 


You can chose between a 

Design oriented curriculum  - Jewellery Design

or a Technical oriented curriculum – Master Goldsmith

We would like to point out clearly

that we can't offer a Diploma as a Master Goldsmith!

You will study one of the most wonderful professions in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Vancouver.



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