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Vancouver Metal Art School is an educational institution to train people the technical and design skills of the jewellery industry in an exceptional and professional way. Jewellery Design, as we see it, is not a craft, it is a very old artistic profession which has developed over thousands of years.

VMAS wants to offer the necessary quality learning for our students to be a vital part of it in their future endeavours in a society. Making jewellery is more than decoration of a human body. It is the expression of status, feeling for forms and an exceptional way to communicate with others.

To be part of it means to use the taught techniques and skills to develop one-of-a-kind pieces of jewellery and/or metal art. My dedication to teach means also to develop the designs of our time into new levels of formal quality in the future. That we reach this goal together is only possible to perfection the techniques to find answers for outstanding designs.  Technique and design development goes hand in hand and for that VMAS gives the students the necessary tools to reach their artistic goals. VMAS produces creative designers and problem solvers who are the next generation of “form givers” for our societies. 


VMAS is one of a kind small design school which sees its mandate in teaching "Old World" technologies in the jewellery and goldsmithing field to interested and passionate people in a highly professional way. In doing that, technical and formal tradition which was given to generations in the past will be conveyed to the generations in the future.

VMAS is a centre of excellence in Jewellery Design  on the North American Continent.  We value  the creative process - experimentation - free inquiry - the evolution of culture - human and professional development - role of the designer in the society - the joy that derives from being a creative artist - risk taking and entrepreneur ship.


VMAS offers you all the necessary skills, techniques and hands-on experience so you can fulfil your ambition to be a successful, top class designer, either as a bench jeweller or as a jeweller/artist with your own gallery or high profile jewellery retail store.

We focuse to ensure that programs, courses and sources are relevant to the needs and interests of students, business/industry and society.




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