Teaching the feeling for a perfect form

Why going to Europe to study Jewellery Design? You just get the same quality of education at Vancouver Metal Art School.
The technical skill curriculum of Vancouver Metal Art School has all of the technical subjects of a European Goldsmithing Education. It gives our students a high standard education which enables them to be equal skilled with European Trade standards in the Jewellery Industry. Some advanced technical subjects are even covered and are taught in the Goldsmith Master education in Europe.

We tailor our curriculum around a student's individual need for instruction. This means that our students get trained with their
cultural background in mind as well as their future plans. We use the structure of our curriculum and form it around the learning process of each student.
We are also training students a conceptional approach in developing and exploring fine art jewellery as well as sculptural art pieces in metal. Many of Vancouver Metal Art School's alumni are well known
Artists in the society and the world of art.

Alumni Work

excellence in skills

Earrings in  925/000, Garnet, Danielle Thibert

Ring, AG 925/00, AU 585/000 - Morgan Green

Prospective Students

We now accept applications for Fall 2016




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