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  • Mission Statement

    Vancouver Metal Art School is an educational institution to train people the technical and design skills of the jewellery industry in an exceptional and professional way. Jewellery Design, as we see it, is not a craft, it is a very old artistic

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  • Why choosing VMAS

    " ..... Manuel skills are the first element and step of being a perfect and accomplished artist. With manual skills we can accomplish almost everything imaginable, explore boundaries others may dream of and will never reach. In the 12 years of the existing of Vancouver Metal Art School many of our students....."

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  • What you learn

    Small class sizes

    enable you to learn at your own pace and you will receive more instructive time. VMAS is the only school in BC

    which teaches a trade oriented curriculum. It will enable graduating students to work in high profile work


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  • Alumni

    Vancouver Metal Art School runs now successfully in its 12th year of operation. Some of the former students have some kind of a show case on this web presence of the school and we are very proud to exhibit their work


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