There are many reasons to participate in the workshops at VMAS

Vancouver Metal Art School was founded 2001 as a BC registered school in the back country of BC, in Nelson by Gerold Mueller.

After many years of teaching apprentices in his home country Germany he wanted to give his profound experiences in designing, developing and producing jewellery art pieces to the young generation in Canada.

Decorating a human body has a lot of social meaning in the society and Vancouver Metal Art School is focused to teach its students a wealth of knowledge and culture from the European continent.

Manual skills are the first element and step of being a perfect and accomplished artist. With manual skills we can accomplish almost everything imaginable, explore boundaries others may dream of and will never reach.

In the 17 years of the existing of Vancouver Metal Art School many of our students have reached their first steps of their goals. Some got awarded by customers who love their jewellery art, some got awarded by their cultural leaders and one got an strong accomplishment as a finalist ( 30 out of 1400) in a European Design Award, the only Canadian Participant!


After these 17 years of successfully giving new Jewellery designers a beautiful profession, Gerold changes his schedule in offering classes/workshops in a different way than before to his students. The focus now is primarily only on techniques so that his students can learn and focus much more on special goldsmith techniques than before. More technical skills gives everybody more possibilities in designing jewellery, that is still very much true! Newcomers to this field may start in workshop 01 or established goldsmith/designers can go further to become a Master Goldsmith. Check the new schedule to find out what is included in the specific sections and please feel free to contact us.