An exciting journey

Delve into the time-honoured trade of goldsmithing with our 100% online course. Crafted especially for people with restricted or limited access to traditional courses or institutions, iGoldsmith empowers students from all walks of life to achieve their goldsmithing dreams, without being limited by one's geographical location. Our content is presented in easy-to-understand modules which serve to round out your goldsmithing education. They can also be used as an existing skills support base for already practicing goldsmiths.


Master the Essential Techniques

We walk with you every step of the way to help you create gorgeous, yet simple, gold jewellery, and help you hone your skills to craft more complex, bespoke pieces.

Knowledge + Skills = Freedom of Design

By learning the techniques properly, you can make your visions and designs come to life. Be patient and ensure you conquer each element as you progress through the course to ensure full and complete mastery of all techniques.

Create - and Sell - Your Own Line

Our students have gone on to create their own collections of rings, brooches, earrings and pendants, and have sold them successfully online, in boutiques and galleries, and amongst their family and friends.

The entire content is focused on learning traditional goldsmiths techniques

All areas of learning are supported with detailed advice about tools you will need and where to buy them. Information which may be too specific and not included in the existing content will be given to you through additional E-Mails.


The new and " ultimate Goldsmiths Bible "

Do you know the book "The Theory & Practice of Goldsmithing by Prof. Dr. Erhard Brepohl?" In Germany people refer to this book as the the "Goldsmith's Bible" because it is the most comprehensive book about the profession and is therefore a "must have" for aspiring goldsmiths. With the iGoldsmith ( The Internet Goldsmith ) we show a similar approach but we have gone a few steps further to also show the necessary examples which are then explained in theory. We have included not only specific, singular skill information and technical, detailed measurements, but comprehensive explanations on how to master each skill element, and prepare, build, and complete each piece of jewellery.

This distance learning site ( with approximately 350 pages of written explanations and approximately500 images ) is written for creative people who want to learn specialized techniques in the jewellery field. More specifically, it is for those who seriously aspire to learn the skills of an ancient profession, and may therefore not be ideal for the "beading crowd". It is important to know that this web course does not offer a specific diploma or certificate, it is simply for your own experience and knowledge of working with precious material. Students may work in their own pace and without any time line or limit and will find ample amounts of tool or trade related resource information.

What do you get for the fees? Unlike with many other courses in jewellery or gemology, the Internet Goldsmith will show you the techniques needed to create YOUR unique jewellery. We do not explain how to make complicated pieces but our focus is that all users of this distance learning site may be able to do main and basic jewellery pieces that are difficult to fabricate but our focus is that all users of this distance learning site may be able to do main and basic jewellery pieces that will lead you to success in your unique style down the road.

Absorb the theory and learn the skills only for fun or share and sell your creations on the market place. The iGoldsmith will not prepare an individual for a position of emplyoment in the jewellery industry but with the skill set and unique approach to design to work for oneself in creating beautiful jewellery art. 

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